The Super Mega Birthday Challenge
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OK, so you all know that a Birthday challenge is to push yourself to do something significant on your birthday related to your age. Like running 40 kilometers, when the most you have ever run before is 20. Or reading 40 books in a month.

So this year, at the supposed half-way point of my life, I am going to do a challenge a month. Not all the challenges will have to do with the number 40. For example, Half Dome has only 23 pitches, not 40; and I gambled a whole lot longer than 40 minutes in Las Vegas (but not 40 hours). But all of the challenges are something I have never done before.

So click a month below and see if I have enough imagination to make it thru the year without resorting to something lame like burping 40 times in a row. [Editor Note: Some did turn out to be lame.]

September, 2002    Regular NW Route of Half Dome
October, 2002    New York Times crossword puzzle
November, 2002    Gambling in Las Vegas
December, 2002    Christmas in Santa Fe, New Mexico
January, 2003    Bowling!
February, 2003    Skiing Mt. St. Helens
March, 2003    Mystery Month
April, 2003    Fasting
May, 2003    Biking around Hagg Lake
June, 2003    Flying a Small Plane
July, 2003    Fore!
August, 2003    Skydiving

September, 2004? The year is over so I can stop wearing that silly tee-shirt. But the fun isn't done. Check the adventure pages to see what else I am getting up to.

[Editor Note 2019: On my 50th birthday I went back to Yosemite with 2 friends to have a go at The Nose of El Capitan. I backed out early, but did help them get loads to Sickle Ledge (at 500ft). I have no idea what 60 is gonna look like. :-)

  The Super Mega Birthday Challenge
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