Rogue River 1999
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The Rogue River Trail is getting to be a yearly event. This it the June 1999 version.

Map of Rogue River Trail
The Rogue River trail closely hugs the Rogue River for 40 miles. It never strays more than a quarter mile from the shore, and never gains more than a couple of hundred feet in elevation. It follows the same part of the river that is popular with rafters. And although the river sees quite a lot of raft traffic, the trail can be almost empty during the week.

It passes through scrub oak, madrone, and pine forests. The best times to do the hike are spring and fall, when the colors and critters are out and about. It is probably the easiest 40 mile trail you will ever do. The tread is good and there is lots to see. The camping spaces are cozy if you camp away from the places the rafters use. And if that isn't enough, on the last half of the trail there are lodges where you can buy a Coke or a cold beer!

In 99, Bob and I got up early from the secret camp spot and had our usual gut-busting breakfast at the Galice Lodge. After arranging for a car shuttle to Foster Bar (approx. $50) we walked off breakfast on the 13.6 miles to Meadow Creek camp. The next day we pulled into Paradise Lodge (mile 28.3) just as it started to rain. We had chanced the weather and decided not to carry a tent, but the Lodge was gracious enough to lend us a blue tarp for the night. We actually slept pretty well, despite the conditions.

We didn't make too many miles the next day because we took advantage of the sunny day to swim and snooze on the lovely sandy beach at Tate creek. We camped that night on the beach at Flora Dell (mile 35.7). The last several miles are comparatively boring, including a mile or so of road hiking to reach the Foster Bar parking lot.

There are several lodges and cabins along the route. We often stop and buy a Coke at Murial. And Paradise is usually the beer stop. On this trip we also stopped and had lemonade at Clay Hill Lodge. All of the people at the lodges are very friendly and helpful even thought they have hundreds of people trooping around their property every year. They have been nice to Bob and I in years past, and I want to return the favor by whole-heartedly endorsing them.

The lodges along the river have contact information listed on the this page. Additionally, Paradise Lodge has it's own web site.

Oak Trees Madrone Tree Paradise Bar Lodge Bob on a hill

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  Rogue River 1999
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