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David G. English 901 Clark St.
The Dalles, OR 97058

Buzzword Compliance


Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Java, some assembly code sets


Unix, Linux, NT, Windows


UART, I2C, SPI, ISRs, 1-wire


Microchip 16/32 bit, TI OMAP, Marvell PXA, STM32F


DO-178B/C, ARINC 429, ARINC 424


HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Apache, RFC822, Ethernet, T1, DARPAnet, XML, FTP, ASN.1, ABC, XYZ, TLA


OO design, Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, Patterns (GOF and Fowler), XP, waterfall, SEI, UML, the three amigos


Oracle Pro-C, Oracle Administration, Sybase Transact SQL, Sybase Replication, Sybase Administration, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Replication, MS Access, ERwin


Sun NetDynamics 4.0, BEA WebLogicEnterprise 5.0, CORBA

Time Away From Adventures

Aug. 2016

Firmware Engineer at Insitu Inc. Responsible for maintenance and updates to the firmware for the following; Electronic Fuel Injection controller boards, Input/Output data concentrators, Payload Power management boards. Also currently working as the flight engineer for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell project.

July 2011
Mar. 2014

Software Engineer at Dynon / Advanced Flight Systems Inc. Coded Map Interfaces and hardware interfaces for Dynon products on embedded Linux.

Nov. 2008
Dec. 2010

Team Lead Software Engineer for Honeywell/BendixKing via Advanced Flight Systems. Lead software engineer for Apex KFD840 product. Set software architecture, wrote low level software requirements (SDD), and coded drivers for 32 bit ARM based product. Provided all software builds. Interfaced with project planning, testing and hardware teams.

Aug. 2005
Nov. 2007

Firmware Engineer at Advanced Flight Systems, Inc. Coded the prototype and three generations of Electronic Flight Information Systems products. Also wrote high and low level code for ARINC 429 converter and interface controller products.

Sept. 2002
Jan. 2005

Partner / Owner of Quality Component Supply & Mfg., Inc. Duties included the running a $800K fastener distribution company. Shared responsibility for all facets of business from sales calls to floor sweeping.

May 1995
July 2000

Senior Consultant at Client Server Group, Inc. Duties included working at customer sites to provide business solutions. Projects have included the following:

  • Using BEA WebLogic 5.0 (Java, C and C++) to create robust, high volume CORBA middle tier for leading world-wide package shipper.
  • Using Rational Rose to do object-oriented design.
  • Using Requisite Pro to gather requirements and write use cases.
  • Using NetDynamics 4.0 (Java) to create a transaction based Web site for a public utility.
  • Writing Transact SQL programs to migrate data from legacy systems to Sybase and Microsoft databases.
  • Performing maintenance on C language sockets programs.
  • Performing maintenance on C language Sybase Open Client programs to integrate Sybase Replication.
  • Designing and implementing a high-availability strategy for Microsoft SQL databases using Microsoft Replication.
  • Using Erwin to design and implement database designs for Sybase and Microsoft SQL databases.
  • Writing PowerBuilder 4.0 applications.
  • Writing data center procedures and policies for Unix machines running Sybase databases.
  • Providing Unix and NT system administration mentoring for various clients.
  • Providing Sybase and Microsoft SQL database administration mentoring and trouble shooting for various clients.
  • Teaching Java language classes to coworkers and clients.

Nov. 1993
May 1995

Software Engineer at Tektronix color printer division. Duties included software engineering and database administration for a quality control data collection system in a manufacturing environment. Worked in C language and with CELLworks 4GL tools on Sun Unix computers running Oracle database products.

Sept. 1991
May 1993

Software Engineer at Sequent Computer Systems, Inc. Duties included writing software tools and Unix system programs in C and Motif to support other groups within the Information Services department. Some of these systems were either deployed or accessible worldwide.

Jan. 1990
Sept. 1991

System and Database Administrator at Sequent Computer Systems, Inc. Duties included system and database administration on both Sequent and Sun computers. Was part of a small team that installed and administered Oracle MRP databases. Assisted application programmers install and tune financial and manufacturing applications. Additionally, wrote software tools to support this group.

Sept. 1988
Jan. 1990

QA Engineer at Tektronix, Inc. semiconductor test division. Duties included creating and testing the release tape for a large multi-computer software product. Was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the systems and programs necessary to produce the finished product. Also assisted in the administration of the servers and workstations used by the software engineering team.

July 1987
Sept. 1988

System Installer at Graphic Art Center, Inc. Duties included installation and integration of a vendor supplied job-costing system. Served as vendor liaison, performed system customizations and wrote management reports from the database.

Oct. 1984
May 1986

Programmer at Portland State University biophysics laboratory. Duties included writing a program in Basic to do data collection and analysis. The program was used for 6 years and was instrumental in the publication of several research papers.

Mar. 1983
June 1983

Juggler for JuggleBug, Inc. Duties included performing juggling shows at elementary and junior-high schools. Also taught PE classes and marketed JuggleBug products.

The Three Rs


BS, Computer Engineering, Portland State University


SunOS 4.0 System Administration


Oracle 6.0 Database Administration


Win16 SDK Programming


Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Certification


Java Programming


Sun NetDynamics Application Server


BEA WebLogicEnterprise


DO-178B Certification


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